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Blue Gold: Terrifyingly Inspiring

What better way to segue out of my recent torrent (pun very much intended) of anti-copyright, free culture hippie posts than to talk about an excellent documentary which I’d never have seen if it weren’t for the horrible, illegal practice of pirating movies on the high seas Internet? Blue Gold is a film I heard about when TorrentFreak reported the fact that the director was embracing the piracy of the movie, happy that more people would see the movie, and can they please donate. That’s not what the movie’s about, though. It’s about how the dwindling water supply on Earth could make us slaves to corporations if we don’t do something about it. Have a look at the trailer:

The film is excellent, showing why the water’s disappearing, why it could kill us all, how governments and corporations (the line is blurry) are exploiting it, and how we can fix this whole fiasco. It proposes “the blue alternative,” which is a bunch of simple ideas that can be used to help rainwater get back into the ground and heal the disrupted natural cycle, among other things. I guess now we have to go blue as well as green. Can’t we just simplify it and go turquoise?

Colorful buzzwords aside, everyone should see this movie. It’s available free on The Pirate Bay, and you can buy the DVD or donate from the official site.

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