Arpeggi – An Experimental Gameplay Project Game With 0D Graphics

The Experimental Gameplay Project, a “make a game in seven days” thingamajig which begat the prototypes for World of Goo and Crayon Physics Deluxe, has announced their theme for the month of August as “Bare Minimum.” So I decided to spend three days (it was done by then) making a game with the minimum possible resolution: one pixel.

Arpeggi — A game in one pixel (formatted to fit your eyeballs)

Due to some technical limitations, such as the fact that one pixel is really hard to see, I magnified it by 600 times. With these extra 599 pixels of space, I decided to cheat and add some intro text, but all of the actual gameplay could theoretically be scaled down to a single pixel if you traded the mouse-based control for an analog stick.

I hope the game is relatively easy to figure out despite the limitations of the resolution. And because that was my goal, I’m not going to say anything else about it.

Hit the jump to play it, and to download the [wikipedia]X11 License[/wikipedia]d source code:


WARNING: This code is really ugly. Please don’t lecture me about how sloppy I am at programming. I already know.

  • Flash CS4 source (might work in CS3): 27 MB .fla
  • Actionscript 3 file (From Scene 2, Frame 1 of the FLA. Will not compile on its own): 22 KB .as
    • Kraven

      Heheh…. I was just rapid checking things, couldn't spend too much time on this, didn't understand it quite at first, but then I got “Eye-Fee”! (4)

      Was pretty fun. ^^ I liked.

    • Skyjay

      Hey this is pretty neat, it's too bad the mouse isin't bound inside the box, it keps going off screen for me, dosen't help that I have a < 600 res on my netbook. Still, this is a pretty cool idea.

    • Wiesel

      Yeah same here – Capturing the mouse or something would have helped but it's a pretty neat idea :)

      Gratz :)

      And don't worry about sloppy code if you are doing this for fun – at least it works, huh? :)

    • vazor

      Nice game. I had almost the same idea for the experimental gameplay project, haha.

    • J Tremblay

      That is an awesome Idea, it is really great. I like it a lot. It took me a little to figure it out, but after two fail I got it. Great Work. I see it more like a toy than a game, but that is my point of view, love it!

    • Nembras

      Indeed, more like a toy, in spite of there being rules and a goal to reach. Reminds be a bit of Elctroplankton, btw.

    • Name

      Awesome toy/game w/e! As far as 1d games go, this was the funnest one I've played.

    • Web Design Lexington

      “…Please don’t lecture me about how sloppy I am at programming. I already know…” LOL. At least you said it from your heart. But I find you good in this field, no questions ask.

    • Zacqary Adam Green

      Have you READ the source code? It's absolutely atrocious.

      But thank you.

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